Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Updatesort descending Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2002-13
*rule 5.5(4)
Reimbursements to Governmental Bodies for Campaign Expenses 56.12a, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, reimbursement
IECDB AO 2002-14
*rule 8.3
Discussions Concerning Gubernatorial Appointments Not Lobbying lobby, lobbying, lobbyist, appointment, gubernatorial appointment
IECDB AO 2002-15
*issued to Pamela Jordan, Candidate for Dickinson County Supervisor
County Supervisor Serving as Independent Contractor with other Public Offices Jordan, candidate, county supervisor, outside employment, outside activity, conflict of interest, 68a.2a
IECDB AO 2002-16
*issued to Mary Ann Spicer, Employment Appeal Board
Member of Employment Appeal Board Running for School Board Spicer, Employment Appeal Board, 56.12a, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys
IECDB AO 2002-17
*issued to Representative Wayne Ford
Use of Campaign funds for Purchase of Humanitarian Award Ford, humanitarian awards, campaign funds, campaign purposes, constituency service, 56.41, 68a.302
IECDB AO 2002-18 Area Education Agency Employee Serving on School Board 68b.2a, outside employment, outside activity, school board, Area Education Agency, AEA
IECDB AO 2003-01
*rule 4.4(1)
PACs Must Appoint a Separate Chair and Treasurer political committee, pac, treasurer, pac treasurer, chair, chairperson, pac chair, 56.3, 68a.203
IECDB AO 2003-02
see also rule 4.59
Effect of Granted Waiver on Repeat Delinquency/Opinion 2000-18 Rescinded waiver, delinquent, delinquency, waiver request, repeat delinquency, penalty, civil penalty
IECDB AO 2003-03
*rule 4.31(3)
Revocable and Living Trusts Not Required to Register as PACs revocable trust, living trust, trust, trusts, contribution, registration, committee registration, pac, registration, 2001-11, 2002-02
IECDB AO 2003-04 County Hospital Trustees are County Candidates county hospital trustee, county hospital trustees, 56.6, county candidate, city candidate, 68a.402
IECDB AO 2003-05 Use of Campaign Funds to Pay for Traffic Tickets campaign funds, traffic ticket, 56.41, campaign purpose, 68a.402, use of campaign funds, personal benefit, civil penalty, criminal penalty, parking ticket, speeding ticket
IECDB AO 2003-06
*rule 5.5(3)
Campaign Materials Distributed at Candidate Forum in a School candidate forum, public school building, campaign materials, 56.12a, public resources, public moneys, political purpose, 68a.505, campaign literature, 2000-23
IECDB AO 2003-07
*issued to Carol Greta, Department of Education
Department of Education Employee Serving on Athletic Association Boards Greta, Department of Education, gift, gifts, gift law 68b.22
IECDB AO 2003-08
*rule 8.9/rescinded by Opinion 2004-08
Filing of Executive Branch Lobbyist Client Reports/2003 Iowa Acts, HF 583 2004-08, lobbyist client, lobbyist client report, 68b.38, preceding calendar year, disclosure report
IECDB AO 2003-09
* rescinded by opinion 2009-06
Retention of Campaign Filings/Opinion 2001-19 modified 2009-06, 2001-19, campaign records, campaign record retention, retaining campaign records, preserving campaign records
IECDB AO 2003-10
*issued to Peter Pashler, Attorney
Chief Operating Officer of Subdivision Serving on Banking Firm's Board of Directors Pashler, political subdivision, chief operating officer, 68b.2a, conflict of interest, outside employment, outside activity
IECDB AO 2003-11 Receipt of Free Gift with Purchase 68b.22, gift, gifts, gift law, free gift, gift because of purchase, gift with purchase
IECDB AO 2003-12
*issued to Gentry Collins, Republican Party
Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Contributions to Christian Coalition Collins, political party, party, state party, use of campaign funds, campaign funds, campaign purpose, annual dinner, 68a.41
IECDB AO 2003-13
*issued to Charles "Chaz" Allen, Candidate for Mayor of Newton
Registered Lobbyist Running for Mayor, Employer Coming Before City Allen, mayor, registered lobbyist, conflict of interest, 68b.2a, outside employment, outside activity
IECDB AO 2003-14
*modified in Opinion 2004-12
Candidates Prohibited from Using Funds for Donations to Federal Candidates 2004-12, 68a.42, 68a.303, campaign funds, federal candidate, contribution to federal candidate, federal
IECDB AO 2003-15
* issued to Paul Coates, Iowa State University
SEAT Paying Public Officials and Employees to Speak at Program Coates, conflict of interest, 68b.2a, outside employment, outside activity, official duties, regular duties, 68b.22, 68b.23, restricted donor, speaking fee, honoraria
IECDB AO 2003-16 Using Funds for Lodging During Special Session campaign funds, lodging expense, special session, 68a.41, 68a.302, use of campaign funds, during a term of office
IECDB AO 2003-17
*issued to Jeff Nelson, Attorney General's Office
Members of State Historical Society Board of Trustees not Defined as "Officials" Nelson, attorney general, Department of Cultural Affairs, official, board, commission
IECDB AO 2003-18
*rule 8.1
Grass Roots Lobbying Activities Not Considered Executive Branch Lobbying lobby, lobbying, lobbyist, grass roots lobbying, indirect lobbying
IECDB AO 2003-19
*rule 5.3
Charter Schools are Public Schools for Purposes of Ethics Laws charter school, charter schools, public school, 68a.12, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, political purpose, public governmental entity, governmental entity


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