Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Updatesort descending Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2006-08 Running as Lieutenant Governor and Registering Committee/Filing Reports lieutenant governor, candidate report, committee report, filing report, 68a.402, register campaign committee, campaign disclosure report, disclosure
IECDB AO 2006-09 Legislative Candidate Soliciting/Delivering Contributions for Another Candidate Noll, soliciting for another candidate, receiving for another candidate, 68a.301, 68a.303, soliciting contributions, contributions
IECDB AO 2006-10 Placement of “Paid for By” Attribution on Emails paid for by, attribution, email, emails, electronic mail, 2000-25, 68a.405
IECDB AO 2006-11 Separate Segregated Education PAC Accounts/Administrative Expenses Freeman, 68a.503, separate account, separate fund, education fund, corporate contribution, corporate donation
IECDB AO 2006-12 Iowa Judicial Branch Retention Election Guide/Use of Public Resources Boyd, Judicial Branch, voter guide, judicial biography, retention, retention election, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, judge, judges, judicial retention election
IECDB AO 2006-13 Use of Campaign Funds for American Council of Young Political Leaders Membership Danielson, campaign funds, membership, personal expense, personal benefit, 68a.302, lifetime membership
IECDB AO 2006-14 Providing Free Absentee Ballot Lists to Selected Candidates Babcock, local government, board of supervisors, public resources, public moneys, political purposes
IECDB AO 2006-15 Making/Receiving Contributions for Attending Another Candidate's Fundraising Event 68a.301, federal candidate, candidate, contribution, meal, event, fundraising event
IECDB AO 2006-16 DHS Employee Accepting Post State Employment with Provider to Disabled Persons Davis, Department of Human Services, DHS, 68b.5a, 68a.7, lobbyist, lobby, lobbying, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2007-01
*rule 8.15
Prohibited Contribution Mailed during Session/Candidate Receives after Session during session, during legislative session, legislative session, 68a.504, contribution, contributions, mail, mailed
IECDB AO 2007-02 Application of Corporate Contribution Ban to other Types of Business Entities corporate contributiuon, 68a.503, contribution, contributions, prohibited contributor, other business entity, llc, limited liability company
IECDB AO 2007-03 Response to RFP/Work on State Project after Termination of State Service Tack, Department of Education, post state employment, post-state employment, 68b.7, directly concerned, personally participated, conflict of interest, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2007-04 Acceptance of Post State Employment Dalsing, Racing and Gaminig Commission, Department of nspections and Appeals, post state employment, post-state employment, 68b.7, conflict of interest, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2007-05 Filing of Schedule G When Payment Made to One Broadcasting Company for Ads schedule g, Boyd, disclosure, consultant, radio stations, radio station, 68a.402, campaign committee disclosure
IECDB AO 2007-06 Application of Gift Law to 28E Entities Whipple, gift law, gift, gifts, 68b.22, 28e, 28e entity
IECDB AO 2007-07
modified by opinion 2008-14
Permitted and Prohibited Placement of Campaign Signs/Opinion 2005-07 Modified 2005-07, campaign sign, campaign signs, signs, sign campaign sign, placement, 68a.406
IECDB AO 2007-08 City Council Member Voting on Issues Involving Private Sector Employer Litwiller, 68b.2a, outside employment, outside activity, conflict of interest, local government, city council, prohibited outside employment
IECDB AO 2007-09 Students Giving Gifts to Teacher Caruth, student, teacher, public school, school, 68b.22, gift law, gift, gifts, restricted donor
IECDB AO 2007-10 Expenditures from State Party Building Fund for the Iowa Presidential Caucus klinefeldt, McDermott, party, state party, political party, contributions, federal candidates, federal candidate, presidential caucus, donations, building fund, 68a.503, 2006-07, separate fund, separate account
IECDB AO 2008-01 Acceptance of Employment with Law Firm after Leaving Iowa Finance Authority Iowa Finance Authority, IFA, Smith, 68b.5a, prohibited use of influence, use of influence, lobbying activities, lobbying, lobby, lobbyist, post-state employment, post state employment
IECDB AO 2008-02 State Employee Referring Potential Clients to Adult Son’s Private Sector Business Jeffrey, Department of Education, 68b.2a, outside employment, prohibited outside employment, conflict of interest, conflicts of interest, immediate family member
IECDB AO 2008-03 Which Officers are Required to be Disclosed on Statement of Organization 68a.201, statement of organization, dr-1, campaign committee, chairperson, treasurer, disclosure, disclosure of officers, dr-sfa, 68a.405, 68a.203
IECDB AO 2008-04
rule 6.10
Board Members Selling or Leasing Goods or Services to Own Agency board member, commission member 68b.21, outside employment, outside activity, conflict interest, 68b.3, 68b.4
IECDB AO 2008-05 Purchases Do Not Trigger Filing of Verified Statement of Registration VSR, verified statement of registration, out of state PAC, out-of-state PAC, federal PAC, 68a.201
IECDB AO 2008-06 Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Meals/Proper Disclosure campaign funds, meal expenses, 68a.302, schedule b, disclosure, meals, food, 2000-09, 2000-10, 2006-15, campaign purpose


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