Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Updatesort descending Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2008-07 SEAT as Restricted Donor/IECDB Advisory Opinion 2003-15 Modified 2003-15, Scase, SEAT, 68b.2a, restricted donor, outside employment, outside activity, prohibited outside employment, conflict of interest
IECDB AO 2008-08 City Council Member Employed by City Water Department Scieszinkski, 68b.2a, restricted donor, outside employment, outside activity, prohibited outside employment, local government, 68b.32a, conflict of interest
IECDB AO 2008-09 527 Committees Making Campaign Contributions 527 committee, 527 committees, contributions, campaign contributions, 527
IECDB AO 2008-10 Application of Campaign Laws/Payment for Personal Expenses personal expense, personal expenses, 68a.102, contribution, campaign contribution, donation
IECDB AO 2008-11
*rule 6.2
Application of Post-State Employment Provisions on Interim State Positions post-state employment, post state employment, 68b.5a, 68b.7, interim, interim position, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2008-12 Campaign Sign Placement Slockett, campaign sign, campaign signs, signs, sign, campaign sign placement, 68a.406, 2008-14
IECDB AO 2008-13
* modified by opinion 2009-02
Effective Dates of Laws on Dates/Times for Filing Campaign Reports 2009-02, filing campaign report, campaign report, 68a.401, 68a.402, filing, filing date, filing time, date time, due date
IECDB AO 2008-14 Permitted and Prohibited Placement of Campaign Signs/Opinion 2007-07 Modified signs, campaign, yard, 2007-07, campaign sign, campaign signs, sign, campaign sign placement, 68a.406
IECDB AO 2008-15
*rule 4.44(4)
Prohibited Contributor Providing Refreshments at Campaign Events 68a.102, refreshments, food, drinks, event, events, corporate contributions, campaign event, campaign events, prohibited contributor
IECDB AO 2008-16
*rule 8.15(4)
Prohibition on Contributions During Legislative Session Includes the First/Last Days session, during session, during legislative session, legislative session, 68a.504, contribution, contributions
IECDB AO 2008-17 Prohibition on Family Farm Corporations Making Contributions family farm, family farm corporation, corporate contribution, 68a.503, prohibited contributor
IECDB AO 2008-18 Use of Campaign Funds for Sponsorship of Event When Candidate Does Not Attend campaign funds, sponsorship, sponsoring, sponsor, campaign purpose, 2003-12, 68a.302
IECDB AO 2008-19
*rule 4.25(1)"t"
Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Service/Professional Organization Membership campaign funds, membership, membership in professional organization, professional organization, service organization, campaign purpose, 2003-12, 68a.302, 2006-13
IECDB AO 2009-01 Voting on Collective Bargain Agreement When Employer Negotiated Agreement Walter, Iowa County Board of Supervisors, conflict of interest, 68b.2a,, outside employment, collective bargaining agreement, , collective bargaining, county
IECDB AO 2009-02
* modifies opinion 2008-13/modified by opinion 2010-02
Dates/Times for Filing Campaign Reports/Opinion 2008-13 Updated 2008-13, 2010-02, filing campaign report, campaign report, 68a.401, 68a.402, filing, filing date, filing time, date, time, due date
IECDB AO 2009-03
* rescinds opinion 2000-16/ rule 4.25(1)"u"
Candidate Interest on Loan to Own Campaign Prohibited/Opinion 2000-16 Rescinded 2000-16, campaign funds for personal benefit, campaign funds, personal benefit, loan from candidate, candidate, interest, charge interest, compensation, 68a.302, use of campaign funds
IECDB AO 2009-04
*rule 4.11
Filing of Updated DR-SFA for New Election dr-sfa, 68a.201, 68a.405, election, elections, file, filing, filed, each election, committee registration, registering a committee, campaign committee, registration, paid for by, attribution
IECDB AO 2009-05
*modified/updated by 2016-02
Registering a Committee Required/Opinions 2005-08 Modified and 2002-12 Rescinded registering a committee, committee registration, 2005-08, 2002-12, 2016-02, 68a.201, dr-1, dr-sfa, dr-otc, 68a.102
IECDB AO 2009-06
* rescinds opinions 2001-19 and 2003-09
Campaign Records and Reports Retained/Opinions 2001-19/2003-09 Rescinded 2001-19, 2003-09, campaign recordes, 68a.203, preserving campaign records, retaining campaign records, records, 68a.401, records repository, repository
IECDB AO 2009-07 Restrictions in Iowa Code section 68B.7 Clarified by Statutory Amendment 68b.7, prohibited use of influence, use of influence, amendment
IECDB AO 2009-08 Assisting in Securing Grant as State Employee and then Working for Grant Recipient Woodworth, Department of Public Health, 68b.7, prohibited use of influence, directly concerned, personally participated, post-state employment, post state employment
IECDB AO 2009-09 Candidate for Mayor of Cedar Rapids with Family Members Employed by City Hinzman, Department of Correctional Services, DOC, mayor, conflict of interest, 68b.2a. outside employment, immediate family member
IECDB AO 2009-10 Email Sent from Private Address to Public Officials and Employees Wilbur, email, emails, political purpose, public resources, public resources, public moneys, 68a.505, incumbent
IECDB AO 2010-01 Purchasing of Campaign Materials/Independent Expenditure Coordination Issue Grubbs, 68a.404, independent expenditures, independent expenditure, campaign products, online sale, online sales, coordination, coordinated expenditure, citizens united
IECDB AO 2010-02
*opinions 2008-13 & 2009-02 modified
Dates/Times for Filing Campaign Reports/Opinions 2008-13 & 2009-02 Updated 2008-13, 2009-02, filing campaign report, campaign report, 68a.401, 68a.402, filing, filing date, filing time, date, time, due date


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