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Iowa Code section 68A.402A(1)"i" and 351 IAC 4.14(5) require the disclosure of family relationship of a contributor to the candidate, if applicable.

Consanguinity” is a relationship by blood. “Affinity” is a relationship by marriage.

“To the third degree of consanguinity” applies to the candidate’s first, second, and third degree of blood relatives as follows:

  • Spouse - Children - Parents (first degree)
  • Brothers/Sisters - Half-Brothers/Half-Sisters - Grandchildren - Grandparents (second degree)
  • Uncles/Aunts - Nephews/Nieces - Great-Grandparents - Great-Grandchildren (third degree)

“To the third degree of affinity” applies to the candidate’s first, second, and third degree relatives by marriage as follows:

  • Stepchildren - Stepmother/Stepfather - Mother-in-Law - Father-in-Law (first degree)
  • Stepbrothers/Stepsisters - Brothers-in-Law - Sisters-in-Law – Step grandchildren – Step grandparents (second degree)
  • Step uncles/Step aunts – Step nephews/Step nieces – Step great Grandparents – Step great-Grandchildren (third degree)

A candidate’s committee accepting any form of contribution (cash or check, in-kind contribution, monetary loan) is required to list the relationship when reporting its receipt on Schedule A, Schedule E, or Schedule F as applicable.