CSV Format for Schedule "B" Expenditures

Example of Data and Structure

You may download this example (xls) and use it as a template, but remove the left column before using.

Each expenditure is made up of several elements and each expenditure must have the required elements.  The example spreadsheet above gives an example of correct headers and may be used as a template.  In addition, it provides a working example for each type of expenditure with the required elements provided.  The section below outlines each header (element) and whether or not it is required and when it needs a value.

Expenditures Data Fields

The exact text in the left column below needs to be used for each header in the columns of the spreadsheet.

committeename Required Column -*Optional Value - Full Committee name of the payee committee. Use only if payee is another registered committee. 
committeecode Required Column -*Optional Value - Committee code of the payee committee. Use only if payee is another registered committee
contacttype Required Column - Required Value - Name of the type of payee. 

Individual (use this for single persons)
Organization (use for committees only, also requires committee ID) 
Trust (use this if expenditure is to a trust and fill out required trustee/trustor information)
Vendor (use this for organization s that do not have a committee ID)
Misc (use this for un-itemized expenditures) 

contactfirstname Required Column -*Optional Value - First name of the payee. required if payee is an individual
contactmiddleinitial Required Column-*Optional Value - Middle single character initial of the payee. optional on all types
contactlastname Required Column -*Optional Value - Last name of the payee. required if payee is an individual
contactrelationship Required Column- Required Value - Two digit Relationship type code of payee to candidate.  Format should be text so that this is always two digits. See relationship type codes
contactname Required Column- *Optional Value - Name of the payee if type other than Individual or Committee. Use only payee is other than Individual or Committee
trustee Required Column-*Optional Value - Name of trustee. required if type of payee is a trust
trustor Required Column -*Optional Value - Name of trustor. required if type of payee is a trust
trustaffirmationreceived Required Column - *Optional Value - Use a Y for Yes or a N for No as the value. required if payee is a trust
contactaddress1 Required Column - Required Value - Mailing address of expenditure. required on all types
contactcity Required Column - Required Value - City name of expenditure's sresidence. required on all types
contactstate Required Column -Required Value - State of residence of the expenditure. Must be state abbreviation code Example= IA or NE required on all types
contactzip Required Column- Required Value - Zip code of the residence of the expenditure. Can be 5 digit zip or a 9 digit zip separated with a - Example= 50156 or 50156-1478 required on all types
contactprimaryphone Required Column-Optional Value value is not required
contactsecondaryphone Optional Column-Optional Value not required by any type
contactemail Required Column-Optional Value- Full valid email address. Example: ContactName@example.com format must be correct if used. Optional on all types
date Required Column -Required Value - Must be entered in following format MM/DD/YYYY required on all types
type Required Column- Required Value - Name of the type of expenditure see expenditure types
amount Required Column - Required Value - Do not use any special characters other than a decimal. This should not be in currency format. do not use $ or other characters
checknumber Required Column-* Optional Value Required if expenditure is another committee required by committee type payee
explanation Required Column - Optional Value - Value should be the description of the transaction. Free form text can have any data as value. not required by most expenditure types, but generally a good idea.

* NOTE: Some optional value columns are only optional when certain other optional columns have value. Also, some required value columns may only be required when other optional columns are used. The following shows the different options.

Relationship Type Codes

01 None  02 Spouse  03 Child  04 Parent  05 Brother  06 Sister
07 Half-brother  08 Half-sister  09 Grandchild  10 Grandparent 11 Uncle  12 Aunt 
13 Nephew  14 Niece 15 Great-grandparent 16 Great-grandchild 17 Stepchild 18 Stepmother
19 Stepfather 20 Mother-in-law  21 Father-in-law 22 Stepbrother 23 Stepsister 24 Brother-in-law
25 Sister-in-law 26 Stepgrandchild  27 Stepgrandparent 28 Stepuncle 29 Step aunt 30 Stepnephew
31 Stepniece  32 Stepgreat-grandparent 33 Stepgreat-grandchild  34 Self 35 Father 36 Mother

Expenditure Types List

Advertising Bank Charges Campaign Merchandise Charitable Contributions Civil Penalty, Hearing Cost Constituency Expenses
Consultant Services Debt Forgiven Dissolution Distribution Fund-Raiser (Attended) Fund-Raiser (Holding) Gifts or Meals for Volunteers
HQ Expenses Interest on Loan Loans Forgiven Meals Reimbursement Mileage Miscellaneous or Unitemized
Office Equipment Office Holder Expenses Office Supplies Other Expenditure Photography Political Contribution
Postage, Shipping, Delivery Printing & Reproduction Professional Fees Reverse Transaction Salary & Gratuity Travel


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