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Registering a Committee

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Registering a Committee

New Committees:

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68A.201, a campaign committee is required to register with the Board by filing a statement of organization (DR-1) within 10 days of exceeding $1,000 in money or goods raised, expenditures made, or debts incurred.  Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68A.201(3), a committee must file an amended DR-1 if there are any changes to the information disclosed on the original DR-1. The amended form must be filed within 30 days of the date of the change.

Statements Required to be Electronically Filed:

Effective January 1, 2016, every committee must file an original or amended DR-1 electronically using the Board’s web reporting system, which can be found here:

New Committees Filing Before Reaching Financial Threshold:

New committees also have the option of registering a committee prior to reaching the $1,000 financial filing threshold.  A committee seeking to register before required by statute to do so may either file a DR-1 or DR-SFA.  If a committee filing a DR-SFA later exceeds the $1,000 threshold, the committee is required to file a DR-1.  The purpose of voluntary registering a campaign committee is to allow the committee to use the abbreviated “paid for by” attribution statement on political materials that is available to registered committees. 

Existing Candidate’s Committees Seeking a Different Office:

Candidates with an existing committee who decide to run for a new office are required to amend their DR-1 to reflect the new office sought, or create a new committee within 10 days of crossing the $1,000 threshold.

Permanent Organization Making a One-Time Contribution:

A permanent organization (such as a business, association, or other person who is not an individual) that makes one campaign contribution in excess of $1,000 in a calendar year must file a OTC form electronically in lieu of registering a committee and filing campaign reports.  A permanent organization that makes more than one campaign contribution in a calendar year that in the aggregate exceeds $1,000 is required to organize and register a political committee, file disclosure reports, and, upon completion of activity, file a notice of dissolution

County Central Committees (County Statutory Political Committees):

Prior to July 1, 2005, a county central committee was automatically created when its state party was formed. However, Iowa Code section 68A.102(12) was amended so that a county central committee is not required to be registered until it exceeds the $1,000 threshold. Thus, if any new state parties are created, their corresponding county central committees will only need to register if they exceed $1,000 in activity or voluntarily register in order to use the abbreviated “paid for by” attribution statement on political materials.

Out-of-State/Federal PACs:

An out-of-state or federal PAC making a contribution in excess of $50 to an Iowa committee is required to electronically file a Verified Statement of Registration (VSR).  


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