Importing Contributions and Expenditures into WRS Using XML

Setting up an XML File

The first step is to convert your data into a spreadsheet in the XML file format. A number of software programs will save your data into the XML format as long as you have the correct order and field names. You can also do an Internet search to find numerous conversion programs, some of which are shareware at a nominal fee.

See Exhibit A for detailed instructions on how to create a spreadsheet for contributions.

See Exhibit B for detailed instructions on  how to create a spreadsheet for expenditures.

The first step is to convert data from your database, such as Access or Excel, into XML file format. XML and CSV are the formats used by the import process.

The next step is to create the reporting period in the WRS that you will be importing to, click on either the contribution or the expenditure tab, depending on which data you are importing, and follow instructions.

When the Public will be able to see the Imported Data

The report will not be available to the public until it is submitted, or filed. At the end of the reporting period, when all transactions are entered, you will click on DR2 Submit to file the report. Following that, the report will be made available for public viewing.

Printed from the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board website on January 27, 2022 at 3:27pm.