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Verified Statement of Registration

This form is for use by committees not organized in the state of Iowa. It must be filed with every contribution to an Iowa committee of $50 or more.

Complete the form each time a contribution is made to an Iowa candidate’s committee or other Iowa political committee, including state and county political party organizations. You must file the form electronically via the Boards Web site.

Your check to the Iowa committee must be sent or delivered within fifteen days after it is issued.

Monetary or in-kind contributions may not be made to elected state officials, members of general assembly, or candidate for state office on any day during the regular legislative session and, in the case of the governor or a gubernatorial candidate, during the thirty days following the adjournment of a regular legislative session allowed for the signing of bills.

Corporate contributions to Iowa political committees except for ballot issue committees are prohibited, as well as giving a contribution in the name of another.

A VSR is considered delinquent if it is not filed on or before the fifteenth day after the date of the contribution. Monetary civil penalties will be assessed for late filed forms.