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Personal Financial Disclosure Statements

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68B.35, certain executive branch officials and employees (see list below) are required to file annual personal financial disclosure statements with the Board.  These statements are due on or before April 30 and cover the previous calendar year.  Candidates for statewide office are also required to file a personal financial disclosure statement with the Board in the year in which the candidates are on the ballot.  Personal financial disclosure statements must be filed electronically using the Board's web reporting system

Filers should review the Board's FAQs on personal financial disclosure statements.   

A member of the general assembly who files a personal financial disclosure statement with the Secretary of the Senate or the Chief Clerk of the House is not be required to file a statement with the Board for any designated position held in the executive branch.  Personal financial disclosure statements filed by legislators and legislative candidates are available on the General Assembly's website.  

The following persons are required to file personal financial disclosure statements with the Board:

1. Any statewide elected official.

2. The executive or administrative head or heads of any agency of state government.

3. The deputy executive or administrative head or heads of an agency of state government.

4. The head of a major subunit of a department or independent state agency whose position involves a substantial exercise of administrative discretion or the expenditure of public funds as defined under rules adopted by the board, pursuant to chapter 17A, in consultation with the department or agency.

5. Members of the state banking council, the Iowa ethics and campaign disclosure board, the credit union review board, the economic development authority, the employment appeal board, the environmental protection commission, the health facilities council, the Iowa finance authority, the Iowa public employees’ retirement system investment board, the board of the Iowa lottery authority, the natural resource commission, the board of parole, the petroleum underground storage tank fund board, the public employment relations board, the state racing and gaming commission, the state board of regents, the transportation commission, the office of consumer advocate, the utilities board, the Iowa telecommunications and technology commission, and any full-time members of other boards and commissions as defined under section 7E.4 who receive an annual salary for their service on the board or commission.

6. Candidates for state office.