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Iowa 527 Committees (Non-Express Advocacy)

527 groups on this page are tax-exempt organizations that do not make campaign contributions to Iowa committees but do engage in activities such as issue advocacy ads that promote or criticize a candidate's voting record but do not expressly advocate for or against candidates.  Such activities do not trigger Iowa's campaign laws except for Iowa Code section 68A.401A. That law requires certain 527 committees to file copies of IRS reports. To satisfy this filing requirement the Board will link to the appropriate IRS Web pages.

Federal law requires some campaign committees to also register as 527 committees. This page is for non-express advocacy 527 committees only.

Current listing of Iowa 527 Committees that are not campaign committees. The following reports have been filed beginning July 1, 2008.

Committee Latest Report Date
AFSCME Special Account 3-31-2016
Americas PAC 3-31-2016
Fair Courts for Us 9-24-2010 notice
Fund for a Stronger Iowa 6-30-2011 final
Heartland PAC 1-16-2009 final
Independent Voices 3-31-2016
Iowa First Foundation 3-31-2016
Iowa Leadership Council 9-19-2011 final
Iowa True Blue 7-11-2005 notice
Iowans Against Unsafe Public Projects 6-30-2009
Iowans for Agriculture 10-22-2018
Iowans for Jobs and Prosperity 2-22-2016 final
Iowans for a Renewable Future 3-31-2016
Iowans for Responsible Government 1-10-2010 final
Last Chance for Patient Choice 3-31-2016
Lead Iowa 5-11-2016 final 
Midwest Enterprise Group 3-31-2016
NextGen PAC (formerly Draft Branstad) 2011 Tax Exemption
Responsibility and Integrity Now (RAIN Fund) 3-31-2016
Team Iowa PAC 2010 Tax Exemption

Search the IRS website to view older reports for Iowa 527 committees. Check "Form 990" and enter the "Name of the Organization" for a specific committee report.

Download data from the IRS website.