Contacting Agency Staff

The Board's office is closed to the public. Meetings with staff at the Board's office are by appointment only. 

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting or phone call. Include in your request specific details regarding your matter and the dates/times of your availability to ensure a timely response. 

If you are unsure who to contact, send us a message and you will be referred to the appropriate staff member. 

If you do not see a staff member's email or phone on your screen, use the arrows above each table to scroll to the right.

Office of the Director

Zach GoodrichExecutive 423-5006
Nancy WoodExecutive 423-5905

Office of Legal Counsel

legal staff
Zach GoodrichLegal 423-5006
Taylor McDonaldAssistant Legal 423-4112

Campaign Audit and Compliance

Governing Board Members
Tim AnneeCounty, city, school, and other local 281-4104
Jason HackerPolitical committees (PACs), ballot issue committees, county political parties, and federal/out-of-state 281-4411
Vanessa SayasaneLegislative campaigns for the Iowa Senate or House of 423-4107
Marie SpilmanStatewide campaigns, state political parties, and legislative campaigns (committee numbers 2600+) 281-4106