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Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Update Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2018-04

interpreting section 68A.405A at the request of Karen Austin from the Treasurer of State's office

likeness, self-promotion, self promotion, Austin, Fitzgerald, Treasurer of State, Treasurer, Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, College Savings Iowa, IAble, Iadvisor 529 Plan, 68a.405a, public moneys , 2018-03, logo, private trust fund, under the control, under control, bona fide ministerial or ceremonial records, ministerial record, ceremonial record, constituent correspondence, internet advertisement, willfully violates, willfully
IECDB AO 2019-01

Disclosure requirements for Schedule G

consultant, consultants, schedule g
IECDB AO 2019-02

Contributions from Federal Candidate

federal, federal candidate, contribution, contributions, 68a.301, candidate's committee
IECDB AO 2019-03

Interpreting Iowa Code s 68B.7

post-state employment, post state employment, 68B.7, consulting, DOT, consultant, employment, transportation, prohibited use of influence, Wilke
IECDB AO 2019-04

Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards may use state funds to pay membership fees to an association that expends a portion of its budget to lobby

Early Childhood Iowa Area Board, association, lobby, lobbying, 68B.8, Bailey, state funds, public moneys, state agency
IECDB AO 2019-05

Lice Clinic of America Quad Cities is a restricted donor to school district employees.  

Ted Brown, Lice Clinic of America Quad Cities, lice, gift, restricted donor, 68B.22, 68B.2, school, schools, school nurse, nurse
IECDB AO 2022-01

Cryptocurrency value and reporting requirements

crypto, currency, cryptocurrency
IECDB AO 2022-03
Use of Venmo for Campaign Contributions


SUBJECT: Use of Venmo for Campaign Contributions

contributions, venmo, campaign contributions
IECDB AO 2022-04
Attribution Statement on Text Messages


SUBJECT: Attribution Statement on Text Messages

text, text messages, attribution statement