1. Iowa is NOT a state that imposes contribution limits (a limit on the amount of money that a campaign may receive from any one donor).
  2. Financial institutions, insurance companies, and corporations are PROHIBITED from making campaign contributions to candidates, state PACs, county central committees, and state parties (except for state party building funds).
  3. Financial institutions, insurance companies, and corporations are PERMITTED to make contributions to state and local BALLOT ISSUE COMMITTEES.
  4. Out-of-state and federal PACs that make a contribution of $50 or more must file a Verified Statement of Registration with the Board within 15 days. 
  5. A permanent organization that makes a contribution or contributions in excess of $1000 is required to register as a PAC.  A permanent organization that is only going to make one contribution in excess of $1000 is permitted to file a one-page form. Learn about being a One-Time Contributor.
  6. Any person, except for candidates or committees, that makes an independent expenditure or independent expenditures in excess of $1000 is required to report the expenditure within 48 hours. Independent Expenditures information.
  7. Registered lobbyists in Iowa and all PACs are PROHIBITED (with certain exceptions) from making contributions to statewide and general assembly candidates and officeholders during legislative session. This prohibition extends for an additional 30 days to the Governor and gubernatorial candidates.
  8. Governmental entities are PROHIBITED (with certain exceptions) from permitting the use of their resources for political purposes.
  9. If you make a contribution in excess of $25 to a campaign, you MUST provide your name and address to the campaign.
  10. Individuals that make a contribution (as opposed to an independent expenditure discussed in #6 above) to a campaign ARE NOT required to file any paperwork with the Board.