Permanent Organization Temporarily Engaged in Political Activity

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68A.402(9), a permanent organization temporarily engaging in PAC activity (i.e. making one or more contributions in excess of $1,000 in a calendar year) is required to organize and register a political committee (PAC), file disclosure reports, and, upon completion of activity, file a notice of dissolution. A permanent organization that is temporarily a PAC shall comply with all of the campaign laws in Iowa Code chapter 68A and the Board’s administrative rules. A permanent organization that makes loans to a candidate or committee or that is owed debts from a candidate or committee is not deemed to be engaging in political activity requiring registration.

One-Time Contribution Form

A permanent organization that makes a one-time contribution in excess of $1,000 to a committee may, in lieu of filing a statement of organization, disclosure reports, and a notice of dissolution, electronically file Form DR-OTC. In order to use the one-time contribution form, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The permanent organization made only one campaign contribution in excess of $1000 was made to a state or local candidate, party, or political committee (PAC) in a calendar year.
  2. The permanent organization was not established for election purposes.
  3.  No person gave money to the permanent organization for the purpose of the permanent organization using the money to make the contribution.
  4. No funds from a corporation or other prohibited contributor under Iowa Code section 68A.503 were used to make the contribution (this prohibition does not apply to a contribution made to a ballot issue committee).

The one-time contribution form must be filed within 10 days of making the campaign contribution.  If the permanent organization made more than one contribution and the total amount of the contributions exceed $1000, the permanent organization must register with the Board as a political committee (PAC) within 10 days of crossing the $1000 threshold.

See the Board’s rule 351-4.35 for more details on permanent organizations temporarily engaging in political activity and the form DR-OTC.