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Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Update Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2001-08
*rule 8.3

Attorney Representing Client in Contested Case or Court Action Not a Lobbyist

lobbyist, attorney
IECDB AO 2001-09

Permissible Gift Limit is $3.00 Not $2.99 from Restricted Donors

68b.22, gift, gifts, gift law
IECDB AO 2001-10

"Working Lunches" Subject to Gift Law

working lunch, 68b.22, gift, gifts, gift law, meals, free meal, meal
IECDB AO 2001-11
Iowa Code 56.6 is now 68A.402, see also rule 4.31

Trusts are "Permanent Organizations" under Campaign Finance Law

permanent organization, trust, trusts, 56.6, 68a.402, permanent organizations
IECDB AO 2001-12
*modified by 2016-04

Use and Reporting of Credit Cards by Committees

debit card, debt, credit card, 2016-04, credit card purchase, debit card purchase, committee campaign records, schedule b, schedule d, schedule e
IECDB AO 2001-13
*issued to Joan Lucas/Katy Gammack, Money & Politics Iowa

Electronic Filing of Campaign Disclosure Reports Not Mandated by SF 2395

Lucas, Gammack, electronic filing, online filing, campaign disclosure report, 56.6, 68a.402
IECDB AO 2001-14

Native American Tribes are "Permanent Organizations" under Campaign Finance Law

tribe, native american, indian, permanent organization, Indian tribe, native american tribe
IECDB AO 2001-15
Iowa Code s 56.41 is now 68A.302

Standard to Use for Reimbursement of Mileage by Candidates

56.41, 68a.302, irs rate, campaign travel, mileage rate, reimbursement, standard mileage rate, travel, actual mileage
IECDB AO 2001-16
Iowa Code s 56.2 is now 68A.102, see rule 4.1(5)

When an Issue is a "Ballot Issue" for Purposes of Campaign Finance Laws

pre-ballot issue, preballot issue, 56.2, 68a.102, 2000-11, ballot issue, preballot, preballot activities, preballot activity
IECDB AO 2001-17
*Rescinded by opinion 2004-02, Iowa Code s 56.14 is now 68A.405

Yard Signs 16 Square Feet or Less are Exempt from the "paid for by" Attribution

2004-02, 56.14, 68a.405, campaign signs, sign, signs, yard sign, paid for by, attribution, attribution statement
IECDB AO 2001-18

Board's Jurisdiction Concerning Local Government Officials under Ethics Laws

68b.32b, board jurisdiction, ethics board jurisdiction, jurisdiction, board's jurisdiction, local government
IECDB AO 2001-19
* rescinded by opinion 2009-06, Iowa Code s 56.3 is now 68A.203, Iowa Code s 56.4 is now 68A.401

Length of Time that Campaign Records, Statements and Reports Must be Retained

record, record retention, 2009-06, 56.3, 68a.203, 56.4, 68a.401, campaign records, preserving campaign records, retaining campaign records, records, records repository, repository
IECDB AO 2001-20
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now 68A.505

DMACC Establishing a Political Committee and Not Using Taxpayer Resources

56.12a, 68a.505, Eide, DMACC, political committee, pac, public moneys, public resources, 2000-40
IECDB AO 2002-01
*rule 4.46

Use of Corporate Computer to File Disclosure Report without Reimbursement

56.15, 68a.503, corporation, contributions, corporate contributions, , corporation, corporate computer, file with corporate computer, file with corporate computer, express advocacy, voter education information
IECDB AO 2002-02
*IECDB Advisory Opinion 2002-02 is hereby rescinded by IECDB AO 2012-05

Reporting Requirements for Trusts Giving in Excess of $500 -rescinded by 2012-05

boeyink, robinson, berardi, 2012-05, trust, 68a.502, campaign contributions, campaign contribution, PAC, dr-1, 68a.402, disclosure, schedule b, dr-3, dr-otc
IECDB AO 2002-03
issued to Daron Van Helden, AAA

Providing Free Membership in AAA to Public Employees that Belong to Associations

Van Helden, 68b.22, gift, gifts, gift law, indirect gift, restricted donor, AAA
IECDB AO 2002-04
*issued to Brian Gentry, Governor's Office

Application of 68B.7 to Appointment of Tom Gronstal as Superintendent of Banking

Gentry, 68b.7, post state employment, post-state employment, appointment, employment, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2002-05

Incorporated Sole Proprietorships Subject to Ban on Corporate Contributions

incorporated sole proprietorship, 56.15, 68a.503, corporation contributions, corporate contributions, corporation, sole proprietorship
IECDB AO 2002-06
*issued to Galen Howsare, West Des Moines Schools

Polk County Public School Districts using Campaign Logo from Previous Election

Howsare, 56.12a, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, logo
IECDB AO 2002-07
issued to Kim Reynolds, Clark County Treasurer/rules 8.2 & 8.3

Application of Executive Branch Lobbying Laws to Local Elected Officials

Reynolds, County Treasurer, lobby, lobbying, lobbyist, register as a lobbyist, 68b.36
IECDB AO 2002-08
*issued to Joseph Frisbie, Sioux City Chief of Police

Member of ILEA Council Voting on Regional Law Enforcement Training Facility

Frisbie, police chief, conflict of interest, 68b.2a, outside employment
IECDB AO 2002-09
*rule 8.15

Prohibition on Lobbyist Contribution During Session Applies to Iowa Lobbyists Only

56.15a,, 68a.504, during session, lobbyist, contributions, campaign contribution, contribution during session, lobbyist from another state, lobbyists from different state, lobbyists from other state
IECDB AO 2002-10
*issued to Senator Dennis Black

County Conservation Board Employees Using County Provided Residence

Black, 68b.2a, outside employment, outside activity, county provided residence, home business
IECDB AO 2002-11
*issued to Ashley Super, Department of General Services

State Employees Purchasing Items at Discounted Rate Offered to the State

Super, Department of Gneral Services, 68b.22, gift, gifts, gift law, gift to all state employees, discount for all state employees, discount for state employees
IECDB AO 2002-12
* rescinded by opinion 2009-05

Parties/Central committees Automatically Created, Not When Financial Threshold Met

2009-05, political party, state party, 56.2, 68a.201, county central committee, county committee