Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Updatesort descending Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2010-03 National Organization for Marriage, Inc./Independent Expenditures Kester, 68a.404, 68a.503, independent expenditure, corporation, corporate, registration, disclosure, citizens united
IECDB AO 2010-04
*modified/updated by 2016-02
Registering A Committee Required/Opinions 2005-08 and 2009-05 Modified 2009-05, campaign committee, registration, campaign committee registration, dr-1, 68a.201, dr-sfa, dr-otc, 68a.402, vsr
IECDB AO 2010-05 Iowa Progress Project/Independent Expenditures Kleis, independent expenditure, independent expenditures, ind-exp, 68a.404, 68a.503, citizens united
IECDB AO 2010-06 Employee Providing Training to Entity and Submitting Private Sector Bids to Entity Brand, Division of Community Action Agencies, dcaa,, Department of Human Rights, idhr, conflict of interest, 68b.2a, bid, bids, bidding, training
IECDB AO 2010-07 Application of Independent Expenditure Law to AFA Action, Inc./Iowa for Freedom Gustoff, citizens united, independent expenditure, independent expenditures, 68a.404, 68a.503, ind-exp-o, judicial retention election, retention election, 2004-03
IECDB AO 2010-08 Campaign Events on Corporate Campus Beltrame, corporate event, corporate campus, corporation, campaign contribution, campaign event, 68a.503, corporate contribution, campaign function
IECDB AO 2010-09 Engaging or Retaining a Campaign Advertising Firm/Consultant           Schlinger, 68a.404, independent expenditure, independent expenditures, advertising firm, consultant, firewall, firewalling
IECDB AO 2010-10 Dispersion of Campaign Funds/Campaign Property on Behalf of Deceased Candidate deceased candidate, dispersing, dispersion, dispersed, , dead candidate , candidate's estate, 68a.203
IECDB AO 2010-11 Contributions to Independent Expenditure Committee independent expenditure committee, independent expenditure, independent expenditures, 68a.404, 68a.503, citizens united, 2010-03, corporate contributions, campaign disclosure report, disclosure report
IECDB AO 2011-01 Outstanding Loan/Conflict of Interest outstanding loan, conflict of interest, 68B.2a, promissory note, outside employment
IECDB AO 2011-02 Transfer of Funds to Charitable Organization candidate's committee, transfer campaign funds, charitable organization, campaign funds, 501(c)(3), 501c3, charity, 68a.303
IECDB AO 2011-03 Application to Gift Law for Governor's Staffers Findley, governor staff, 68b.22, panel or speaking engagement, staff member, gift, gift law
IECDB AO 2011-04 Acceptance of Post Employment after serving as State Public Defender Langholz, public defender, state public defender, local public defender, 68b.7, regulatory agency, department, commission, board, deputy, use of influence, prohibited use of influence, post-state employment, post state employment
IECDB AO 2011-05 Reporting of Donation boxes under Gift Law gift, gifts, agency gift law, agency gift, donation box, donation boxes, 8.7, disclosure, reporting, anonymous gift
IECDB AO 2011-06 Reimbursement by Governor’s candidate committee for travel to and from campaign functions Findley, Executive Protection Unit, EPU, security, 68a.505, public moneys, political purpose, campaign function, governor, lieutenant governor
IECDB AO 2011-07 Application of corporate contribution ban to LLC owned by corporation Gregg, 68a.503, LLC, LLP, unincorporated business, corporation, subsidiary, corporate contribution, contribution, 2007-02, 68a.502, general operating funds
IECDB AO 2012-01 Nomination Petition in Government Office nomination petition, government office, public area, 68a.505, public moneys, public resources, 2006-03, conflict of interest, 68b.2a
IECDB AO 2012-02 Definition of Charitable Organization charitable organization, charity, 68a.303, 501(c)(3), 501c3
IECDB AO 2012-03 Use of Campaign Funds for Party Office Smithson, candidate, campaign funds, party office, campaign expense, campaign purpose
IECDB AO 2012-04 Lt Governor Campaign Committee Fagan, Reynolds, candidate, campaign committee, lieutenant governor, 2006-08, 68a.202
IECDB AO 2012-05
*rescinds opinion 2002-02
Reporting Requirements for Trusts 2002-02, trust, 68a.502, campaign contribution, campaign contributions, PAC, dr-1, 68a.402, disclosure, schedule b, dr-3, dr-otc
IECDB AO 2012-06 Definition of Partisan Political Committee Latham, 68a.303, partisan political committee, boundaries of a congressional district, congressional district, political party, party
IECDB AO 2013-01 Mayor serving as manager of bank Berner, conflict of interest, bank, bank account, mayor, outside employment, 68b.2a
IECDB AO 2013-02 Permanent reservation of park shelter for political event Keith, 68a.505, forum, political forum, public resources, reimburse, reimbursement, public park, event, public moneys
IECDB AO 2013-03 Attribution statements on social media sites attribution statement, attribution, paid for by, social media, published material, profile page, 68a.405


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