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Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Update Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2000-01
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now section 68A.505

Individuals Wearing Law Enforcement Uniforms While Campaigning

uniform, law enforcement, public moneys, public resources, political purpose, photograph, photography, 56.12a, 68a.505
IECDB AO 2000-02
Iowa Code s 56.15 is now 68A.503 and Iowa Admin Code r 351-4.88(3) is now 351-4.52(3)

Can Law PAC Accept Corporate Contributions to be Used as Administrative Costs of the PAC

PAC, sponsor, corporate, corporation, administrative expenses, administrative costs, administration, 56.15, 68a.503, Dinkla
IECDB AO 2000-03
Iowa Code s 56.41 is now 68A.302 and Iowa Admin. Code r 351-4.42(1) is now r 351-4.25(1)(s)

Purchase of Newspaper Subscriptions to The Des Moines Register, The Wall Street Journal and Roll 
* rule 4.25(1) "s"

newspaper, subscription, periodical, 56.41, 68a.302, campaign funds ,use of campaign funds, campaign purpose, newspaper subscription
IECDB AO 2000-04
Iowa Code s 56.41 is now 68A.302; see also Iowa Admin Code r 351-4.25(1)(i)

Individuals Using Campaign Funds for Rental or Purchase of Formal Wear to Attend Political
*rule 4.25(1)4"i"

formal wear, clothing, clothes, 56.41, 68a.302, campaign funds, campaign purpose, clothing rental
IECDB AO 2000-05
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now s 68A.505; Iowa Admin. Code r 351-12.3(3) is now r 351-5.5(8)

Public Officials and Employees Using Official Job Titles in Campaign Literature
*rule 5.5(6)

job title, title, 56.12a, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, campaign literature, 68b.2a
IECDB AO 2000-06
Iowa Code s 68A.12A is now 68A.505, rule 12.3(3) is now rule 5.5(8)

Public Officials and Employees Using Official Job Titles in Campaign Literature
*rule 5.5(6)

clothing, 68a.12a, 68a.505, clothes, public resources, public moneys, public property
IECDB AO 2000-07
Iowa Code section 56.41 is now section 68A.302; see also Iowa Admin Code rule 4.25(1)(t)

Individuals Using Campaign Funds for Purpose of Paying Membership Dues to Belong to a Chamber of Commerce.

*rule 4.25(1)"t"

membership , member, chamber of commerce, dues, service organization, professional organization, 56.41, 68a.302, membership dues, campaign funds
IECDB AO 2000-08
Iowa Administrative Code rule 351-13.5 has been rescinded.

Automatic Suspension of Individuals Who Lobby Executive Branch Agencies Without Being 
*rule rescinded

lobbying, lobbyist, registration, register, lobby, lobbyist registration, administrative resolution, failure to register
IECDB AO 2000-09
Iowa Code section 56.41 is now section 68A.302

Use of Campaign Funds to Purchase Refreshments for Campaign Related Meeting
*issued to Representative Christopher Rants

refreshment, refreshments, food, meal, meals, campaign related purpose, 56.41, 68a.302, campaign purpose, rants, legislative meeting, campaign funds, 2000-10
IECDB AO 2000-10
Iowa Code section 56.41 is now section 68A.302; Iowa Admin. Code rule 351-4.42(2)(c) is now rule 351-4.25(2)(c); see also Iowa Admin Code rules 351-4.25(1)(h),(p), and (2)(b)

Prohibition on Purchase of Food with Campaign Funds Except for Campaign Purposes
*rules 4.25(1)"h"&"p", 4.25(2)"b"&"c"

office holder, meal, meals, food, 56.41,68a.302, office holder, campaign funds, officeholder expenses, officeholder expense
IECDB AO 2000-11
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now 68A.505, Iowa Code s 56.2 is now 68A.102, see also Iowa Admin. Code rule 351-4.1(5)

When an Issue is a "Ballot Issue" for Purposes of Prohibition on Use of Public Funds
*rule 4.1(5)

ballot issue, 56.12a, 68a.505, 56.2, 68a.102, public moneys, public resources
IECDB AO 2000-12
Iowa Code s 56.41 is now s 68A.302

Prohibition on Use of Campaign Funds for Lodging Expenses during Session

lodging, housing, legislative session, session, mortgage, rent, residence, 56.41, 68a.302, campaign funds, extended session, extended legislative session
IECDB AO 2000-13
Iowa Code s 56.3 is now 68A.203, 56.6 is now 68A.402, See also rule 4.14(2)

Clarification of When a Campaign Contribution is "Received"

receive, contribution, 56.3, 68a.203, 56.6, 68a.402, campaign contribution received, receipt, receipt of campaign contribution, mail, mailbox
IECDB AO 2000-14
Iowa Code s 56.41 is now 68A.302, see also rule 4.25(1)"f"

Use of Campaign Funds for Booth at National Party Convention

national convention, national party convention, travel, lodging, hotel, 56.41, 68a.302, party convention booth, Polson, campaign funds, use of campaign funds
IECDB AO 2000-15
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now 68A.505, see also rule 5.5(1)

School Board Members Advocating a Position at School Board Meeting
*rule 5.5(1)

school board, meeting, ballot issue, 56.12a, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, freedom of speech, school board member, school board meeting
IECDB AO 2000-16
modified by opinion 2009-03, Iowa Code s 56.41 is now 68A.302

Interest Charged on Loans Made by Candidate to His/Her Own Campaign

loan, interest, 2009-03, 56.41, 68a.302, personal benefit, interest rate, loan interest rate, loan to self, loan from candidate
IECDB AO 2000-17
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now 68A.505, see also rule 5.5(2)

Placement of Brochures on Vehicles Parked on Public Property

brochure, windshield, vehicle, public property, parking, parking lot, public parking lot, 56.12a, 68a.505, public moneys, public resources, flier
IECDB AO 2000-18
*rescinded by AO 2003-02

Effect of Granted Civil Penalty Waiver Request on Repeat Delinquency

waiver, waiver request, delinquent, delinquency, repeat delinquency, penalty, civil penalty, 2003-02
IECDB AO 2000-19
see also rule 8.3

"Monitoring" of Issue Not Considered Lobbying

lobbying, lobbyist, monitor, monitoring, monitors
IECDB AO 2000-20
Iowa Code s 56.15 is now 68A.503

Solicitation of Employees by Corporate Sponsor for PAC

prohibited contributor, corporation, solicit, solicitation, employee, 56.15, 68a.503, solicitation of employees, solicitation of employee, corporate sponsor, pac sponsor, joint solicitation, joint solicitation form, management
IECDB AO 2000-21
* rule 8.7(3)

Registered Lobbyist Failing to Register on Behalf of Other Clients

lobby, lobbying, lobbyist, client, registration, register, client of a lobbyist, client of lobbyists, lobbyists client, client registration
IECDB AO 2000-22
*statute repealed

Time Limits on Placement of Campaign Signs Not Enforceable

sign, signs, whitton, whitton v. city of gladstone, 54f.3d 1400, freedom of speech, campaign signs, political signs, yard signs
IECDB AO 2000-23
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now 68A.505

Candidates Speaking in School Classroom

classroom, school, 56.12a, 68a.505, speaking to students, students, candidate, candidates, candidates in classroom
IECDB AO 2000-24
Iowa Code s 56.12A is now section 68A.505

Posting of Campaign Literature in Classrooms as Part of Curriculum

classroom, curriculum, school, 56.12a, 68a.505, students, campaign literature in classroom, campaign literature, school curriculum, curriculum, classroom
IECDB AO 2000-25
modified by opinion 2006-10, Iowa Code s 556.14 is now 68A.405, see also rule 4.39(2)

Placement of "paid for by" Attribution Statement on Web Sites and E-mails

website, email, emails, 2006-10, 556.14, 68a.405, paid for by, attribution, attribution statement, published material, e-mail, web sites