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Advisory Opinions List

Opinion Title and Update Summary Keywords
IECDB AO 2003-20

County Central Committees Involved in Local Ballot Issue Election

political committee, local ballot issue committee, central committee, local ballot issue, local ballot issue election
IECDB AO 2004-01
*Rescinded by Opinion 2004-05

Permitted and Prohibited Placement of Campaign Yard Signs

2004-05, campaign sign, campaign signs, sign, signs, yard sign, 68a.406
IECDB AO 2004-02
*rule 4.39(2)"a"

Yard Signs 32 Square Feet or Less Exempt from Attribution/Opinion 01-17 Rescinded

campaign sign, campaign signs, sign, signs, yard sign, 68a.406, paid for by, attribution, attribution statement, 68.a.405
IECDB AO 2004-03
*rule 4.3(1)

Applicability of Campaign Laws to Judges Standing for Retention

judicial election, retention election, judge, judicial, judges, retention, 68.102, candidate
IECDB AO 2004-04
*rule 4.39(1)"e"

Certain Express Advocacy Materials without Attribution/Opinion 2000-34 Modified

2000-34, paid for by, attribution, attribution statement, modest resources
IECDB AO 2004-05
*Rescinded by Opinion 2005-07

Permitted and Prohibited Placement of Campaign Signs/Opinion 2004-01 Rescinded

2004-01, campaign sign, campaign signs, sign, signs, yard sign, 68a.406
IECDB AO 2004-06
*issued to Mark Arentsen, Waukee City Administrator/rule 5.5(3)

Candidates Speaking at City Council Meeting Televised on Local Cable Channel

Arentsen, city administrator, city clerk, council meeting, 68a.505, political purpose, public resources, public moneys, candidate at city council meeting
IECDB AO 2004-07
*rule 8.15(2)"d"

Lobbyist as a Candidate Making Contributions to own Campaign during Session

68a.504, contributions during session, contributions in session, lobbyist, lobbyist as a candidate, lobbyist who is a candidate
IECDB AO 2004-08

Nonprofit Racing Corporations/Associations not Subject to Conflict of Interest Law

68b.2a, conflict of interest, outside employment, outside activity, agency, nonprofit racing corporation, nonprofit racing association
IECDB AO 2004-09
*rule 8.9

Executive Branch Lobbyist Client Reporting/Opinion 2003-08 Rescinded

2003-08, 68b.38, filing date, due date, client of a lobbyist, lobbyist client, lobbyist client report, client of a lobbyist report, lobbyist's client
IECDB AO 2004-10
*rule 4.1(4)

When an Individual Becomes a "Candidate"/Opinion 2000-37 Rescinded

2000-37, candidate, seeking nomination, seeking election, 68b.32a
IECDB AO 2004-11
*issued to Lynh Patterson, IDPH

Application of Executive Branch Lobbying Laws on JEL

Patterson, Department of Public Health, register as a lobbyist, lobbyist, lobby, lobbying, executive branch lobbyist
IECDB AO 2004-12
*rule 4.25

Prohibition on Contributions from Other Candidates/Opinion 2000-26 Rescinded

200-26, 68a.301, contribution, contribution from other candidate, federal candidate, contribution from another candidate
IECDB AO 2004-13
*rules in chapter 5

Signs on Personal Vehicles/Opinions 2000-27, 2000-28 & 2000-32 Rescinded

2000-27, 2000-28, 2000-32, personal vehicle, parked vehicle, bumper sticker, campaign sign, sign, signs, 68a.505, speech, freedom of speech, public resources, public moneys
IECDB AO 2004-14

Prohibition on Renting Corporate Property to Place Sign/Opinion 2001-02 Modified

2001-02, 68a.503, campaign signs, sign, signs, yard sign, rent, lease, rent from a prohibited contributor, lease from a prohibited contributor, 2004-05
IECDB AO 2004-15

County Commissioner of Elections involved with Campaigns

local government, county commissioner of elections, county auditor, conflict of interest, 68b.2a, speech, freedom of speech, outside employment, outside activity
IECDB AO 2004-16
*issued to Matthew Eide, lobbyist

Session Reception Reporting Forms

Eide, lobby, lobbyist, lobbying, 68b.22, receptions, receptions during legislative session, session reception, session reception report, reception report
IECDB AO 2004-17
*issued to Therese Vaughan, Insurance Commissioner

Acceptance of Academic Position after Leaving State Government

Vaughn, insurance commissioner, insurance division, department of comerce, academic position, professor, post state employment, post-state employment, 68b.7, prohibited use of influence, use of influence
IECDB AO 2004-18
*issued to Senator Gene Fraise

Use of Campaign Funds for Economic Development Trip to South Korea

Fraise, state senator, senator, South Korea, 68a.302, campaign funds, campaign purpose, duties of office, constituency services, trip, economic development trip
IECDB AO 2004-19

When Volunteer Time is a Campaign Contribution

contribution volunteer, volunteer time, 68a.102, organized activity, organized
IECDB AO 2004-20

Use of E-mail by a Prohibited Contributor

68a.503, prohibited contributor, email, corporate email, 68a.505, public resources, public moneys, government email
IECDB AO 2005-01
*issued to William P. Angrick II, Citizens' Aide/Ombudsman

Police Chief Serving as Deputy Sheriff

Angrick, 68b.2a, law enforcement, police chief, deputy sheriff , conflict of interest, outside employment, outside activity
IECDB AO 2005-02

Reporting of Mileage Reimbursement by Campaigns

mileage reimbursements, mileage reimbursement, 68a.302, reimburse, reimbursement, schedule b, mileage, schedule d, schedule e, travel reimbursement
IECDB AO 2005-03

Ban on Certain Lobbying Activities Does Not Apply to Out-of-State Lobbying

68b.5a, lobbying, lobby, lobbyist, outside of iowa, outside iowa, other state, another state, different state, another jurisdiction, other jurisdiction
IECDB AO 2005-04
*issued to William Nutty, Principal Financial Group

Corporate Donation Match to Charity When PAC Pledge Made

Nutty, pac match, matching donation, donation, match, 68a.503, charity, charitable organization, corporate donation, donation match, pac pledge, pledge